Thursday, January 12, 2017

Words As Presents

The English language is this amazing thing. It can surprise you even when you least expect it. I consider myself a fairly well read person with a wide vocabulary, bu today I was surprised by not one word but three.

My diversion into word searching began when I decided I didn't like the term Matriarch. It's a fine word, but just seemed to lack a certain oomph. It didn't quite capture the essence of what I wanted to convey. Often while writing I will use words that are almost right but not quite so that I don't interrupt my flow. During edits, I go back and put thought into finding the exact term that I wanted but couldn't quite think of at the time.

This is where my trusty friend the internet often saves me. It took searching a thesaurus for alternatives and clicking on several random sites before I found it. The link that opened my eyes to words that tickled my inner word geek.

I might have to figure out how to use some of these in normal conversation, just so I can instill in other people the same love for words that I have.

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