Monday, January 9, 2017

Facebook Account Hacked

My evening so far has been just great. A regular roller coaster of fun. I, despite having sat through many trainings over the years that outlined the different methods hackers use for phishing, still fell for one of their most basic scams. I opened a YouTube video that looked like it was from my cousin. As a result, my Facebook account was hacked and that same message I received was sent to my entire friend circle.

You would think I'd know better, but nope, evidently not. I've spent the last two hours finding my way back into my account, because of course Facebook locked it, fielding many messages from friends informing me that they thought my account was hacked, then going through my contacts desperately trying to warn them not to open any links that came from me. This was only mildly successful.

I've also spent a considerable time ensuring my other social media accounts were not using the same user name and password as my Facebook account. Most of them had been changed over after google data was compromised last year, but there were a few remaining accounts that never received unique passwords.

The takeaway here is not to open sketchy links that ask for your Facebook user name and password. Definitely don't do it twice because you thought you did it wrong the first time. :-| 

P.S. Not sure this will affect my author's account, but in case it does - don't open any YouTube videos that appear like they're coming from me. Learn from my mistakes.

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