Sunday, May 1, 2016

Whole 30 and writing

I've been hearing a lot lately about this meal plan called Whole 30 that follows a strict set of rules which entail giving up alcohol, sugar (including artificial), grains and dairy. Just typing this makes me ask myself why I would want to do this. Sugar? Ok, I probably need to eat way less of it than I do, but the cravings are going to be a monster. Alcohol? It might affect my social life and make going to bars awkward for a while but totally doable. But grain? Dairy? That's a little tougher and requires me to overhaul a lot of what I eat. Dairy or grain is in almost every meal.

This will definitely be a challenge but oddly enough I'm kind of looking forward to it. There are supposed to be a lot of health benefits at the end that might make all this worth it. Today is Day 1 of the plan so we'll see how this works.

To top it all off, I started writing chapter one of the new book. Go me. Most of the day has been spent on meal prep for the week (because this plan requires intensive cooking) and finding time to write between chopping vegetables and fruit.

The first page of any book is always the most difficult for me. Before it is written, my story is full of infinite possibilities. Every written page begins to limit where the story can go based on where it has been. Settling on one beginning and one path is a challenge but one I have to meet head on each and every time I start writing a new book. This book is a sequel so the voice of the character is a little easier to nail down. I have so many ideas right now and can't wait to see which ones bear fruit.