Monday, June 20, 2016

House Keeping Items

I’ve recently started receiving questions about the status of various sequels, which is something I love getting asked about. It means that someone out there is enjoying the worlds I created enough to want to spend more of their precious time reading about these characters. That's an awesome feeling. I could do that all day, but to make things a little easier I thought I’d answer the question in a place everyone can read it.

The good news is I plan sequels for both Dragon-Ridden and Pathfinder’s Way. The bad news is this may take time as I have two books in a separate series scheduled next. The first, Shadow’s Messenger, is already written and will be released in fall of this year. Its sequel will be released early 2017. From there, I plan to write the sequel to Pathfinder’s Way and after that the sequel to Dragon-Ridden. The sequels may change places based on reader responses, but for now this is the plan I'm going with.

It may seem strange that I’ve decided to go with another series before revisiting my two previous ones, but I feel that Shadow’s Messenger is a very strong book. Quite frankly, the characters in that book shouted loudly enough that they drowned out both Tate and Shea’s voices, making it almost impossible to move forward with their stories.

I’ve found I can only push my creativity so far, and while I probably could write one of the sequels first, I do not think the books would be as strong as if I had waited for the characters to start speaking to me again. Because I write in part based on that inspiration, that means this schedule may change depending on if another book shouts loudest. I am going to try to stick to this schedule though.

Once the cover from Shadow’s Messenger comes back, I will post the synopsis and an excerpt here on the blog so make sure you check back.

 I hope this sheds some light on any questions you may have. As always, feel free to contact me through one of the various platforms I’m on or email me. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Happy reading.


  1. hi wow you wrote dragon ridden in 2012... im glad i only just read it.
    would have totally forgot about the next book..
    i also just finished Pathfinder..i thoroughly enjoyed reading books where the female main character is strong.. but im hoping you start to write dragon ridden sequel first (and soon ��)
    to me pathfinder is finished..
    but Tate...can not wait to read her hidden story..thank you for two entertaining books

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed them both. I am writing as fast as I can so that the wait might be as short as possible :)

  3. I just discovered and devoured your two books! Thank you for continuing to write. Your worlds and characters are wonderful. I've just added you to my "Be On The Lookout" list. :)

  4. I also just discovered your two books. I really enjoyed reading them! I'm happy to know there will be sequels someday although I'm sad we have to wait so long. I look forward to reading your next series. Happy writing!