Thursday, November 5, 2015

So excited for December

I've already got my tickets to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Dec. 18. As you can guess, I'm pretty excited about this. It's the first time I've actually bought tickets in advance of a movie. Usually, I just show up on opening night and hope for the best. That's how I did it for all of the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potters and any other popular franchises.

I saw the original trilogy when I was on summer break in high school. My dad knew I loved Sci Fi so after I worked my way through the Aliens movies, he talked me into borrowing the three Star Wars movies from the library. They were amazing and totally opened my eyes to a whole new universe. I have to admit that I never cared for the prequels and didn't come even close to this level of excitement when they first came out. Some of that is because I don't really care for prequels that I already know the ending for. The other reason is that J.J. Abrams is directing the new trilogy and I love what he did with the most recent Star Trek movies. He's a very talent director and I am waiting with baited breath to see what he does with the Star Wars universe.

The only bad thing about this is I still have nearly a month and a half before the movie comes out. Ah well, patience is a virtue.

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