Monday, September 12, 2016

The plot thickens

So much of writing is living in your head. It can mean that your mind never rests. Every moment can be used to think about your story. Driving to work, standing in line, staring out the window when you're supposed to be working.

Any time I'm not actively engaged in a task, I'm usually plotting out my next book, conducting conversations between characters, or planning the heroic demise of my hero (which I never write into any story). I've actually been known to drive myself to tears. It can be awkward especially when people notice and then ask what's wrong. It's not like I can tell people that my imaginary character just went out in a blaze of glory. They'd stare at me like I'm crazy.

When it comes to the planning stage of my process, I usually get worse about living entirely in my head. There are just so many possibilities in the beginning of the book, so many paths I can take the story. It's enough to drive a person a little bonkers. That being said, there's a certain magic at the beginning when anything is possible. Ideas come so fast and there are amazing adventures attached to every choice made.

Right now, Tate's world is living in my head and every thing I see or hear becomes fodder for her story. It's a rush, but man, it's also exhausting.

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