Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Not So Lazy Sunday

Ah, Sunday, a day to relax in preparation for the coming week. Maybe for some people, but not for me. I have so many things I need/want to get done today that I doubt I will sit down to relax until about two hours before bedtime. I compromised this morning, though, and took the time to get donuts with my boyfriend. Now, it's after noon and there's not a moment to lose if I want to accomplish even half of what I need to.

On the "To Do" list today:

Finish baking the cake I'm making for Valentine's Day. It's a devil's food cake with raspberry filling and a raspberry sauce on top, which is covered with chocolate ganache. Sounds delicious? Oh, it will be. It's also very time consuming to make. The cake itself isn't too difficult, but the filling and topping complicate things. You have to puree the raspberries and then strain the seeds out. Then you have to cook it with sugar in a saucepan until it thickens. Then you have to repeat the steps to make the sauce for the top, only this time it doesn't have to be as thick. It can also be quite messy, which is why my kitchen kind of looks like a murder scene right now 0_o.

Clean. Especially the kitchen. See above as to why.

Do laundry so I have something to wear next week.

Write blog.

More editing in current book. I'd like to get this draft done before the edits from Pathfinder's Way come back, and I have to switch my focus back to that.

Work on cover for Pathfinder's Way again. Lucky for me, I know a graphic designer who can help fix the rough spots.

Prep work for week's meals. This way I don't binge on fast food, and I have a semi decent chance of eating something healthy.

Edit photos for the tea tasting my friend would like to post on her blog.

Oh yeah, and celebrate Valentine's Day with my boyfriend.

0_0 Busy. Busy. Busy!

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