Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Break's over - time to work

Since getting Pathfinder's Way off to the editor and finishing the first draft of my new unnamed book, I decided to give myself a mini break from the writing. It was supposed to be two weeks where I relaxed, caught up with friends, read a couple of books and basically did all the things I haven't been doing while planted in front of a laptop for the last few months.

Turns out, I kind of suck at relaxing. In the last two weeks, I've cleaned my house top to bottom, caught up on all the laundry and had a massive cooking day where I made three different types of recipes that netted me about 20 individual meals I could store in the freezer for lunches. Because that wasn't active enough, I also ended up painting my bedroom and bathroom. I'm happy with them, but my time wasn't spent relaxing as I'd imagined. Sometimes when I am really busy for awhile, I get stuck in busy mode and can find it hard to relax.

Today, I started in on the second draft of my current project. So far, it doesn't seem as difficult an edit as the last one, and I'm hopeful the process goes a bit smoother than previous ones.

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