Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Looks like writing was the easy part

Since I finished writing my first book, Dragon-Ridden, I have spent a significant portion of time learning what comes next. You know those things like designing a book cover, editing, figuring out royalties, and marketing. All those things you never thought about while you were crafting your masterpiece. I know I never did. Come to find out writing a book is just the tip of the ice burg. So much more goes into creating a book that sales. And since I am an indie writer going it alone it comes down to my motivation and creativity to get the word out there.

I've set up a blog, a web page, a twitter account and signed up for goodreads. That doesn't even take into account the research that has gone into how to market this thing. There is SO much out there that it is sometimes hard to find my way and to know which advice to trust and which to throw away.

I am learning that to create a presence on the web you have to interact with other people. It's not just enough to read the message boards or other peoples blogs, you have to comment. This can be hard for me as I'm rather shy, but I am getting better. Everyday I find new people to talk to and find other blogs I can either read or submit my book to for review.

I keep telling myself that this is a marathon not a foot race. That word of mouth takes time. Still, I find myself checking my book sales every day and praying that someone will write a review for amazon. In essence I've become a book stalker!

Time to take a deep breath and stop complaining. I've definitely done enough promotion for the day so it's time to get back to writing my next book. 

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