Saturday, March 25, 2017

Snippet Saturday

Because someone asked so nicely for a snippet I decided to release a short passage from the second book in the dragon series. Happy reading on this beautiful saturday.

Why is it that everyone we run into in this city wants to pick a fight with us?”

Night didn’t answer, remaining focused on the potential enemies.

“I think it’s your lack of charming personality,” Dewdrop told Tate seriously. “You’re like sandpaper. You just rub people the wrong way.”

“I take offense to that. I am very charming.”


“She was a deluded, love sick fool intent on betraying her people and destroying a peace treaty. It would have been more worrisome if she had found me charming, because it would mean I was the kind of charming that appealed to traitors and cowards.”

“The Red Lady.”

“Psychotic doesn’t count.”


“Hey,” Tate said with outrage. “Lucius found me very charming.”

Dewdrop gave her a get real look. “He knocked you unconscious and threw you in a cell.”

“But he didn’t kill me.”

“I’m sure if you’d given it time he would have.”

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  1. Beautiful Sunday indeed! Thank you so much for this sneak peek <3 Lol Tate's little crew is so funny. Have a wonderful weekend!