Saturday, December 10, 2016


I'm pretty excited to announce that Shadow's Messenger is now available in print for all those who prefer the physical feeling of a book in your hands while you read. It's the first of my books that I've turned into a print edition so it's been quite a learning experience so far.

Being a big fan of ebooks for the convenience they provide and having bought ebooks pretty exclusively for a few years now, I didn't expect to get as excited as I did to receive a physical copy of my book. After all, it's not as if it hasn't already been published. People have read it, commented on it. A sequel has even been written and is currently in edits. You'd think my ability to get excited would have dried up and this would be pretty routine. Not so.

There's something about holding a physical representation of all your hard work that changes the game. The moment I pulled it out of its package and saw its glossy cover a thrill shot through me, causing me to dance around my house chanting 'it's so pretty, it's so pretty.' I may have had a Golem moment where I stroked the cover while saying, "Precious. My precious." Thankfully no one was around to see it.

This isn't the only exciting news in my world, but I will have to wait to tell you for a week or so. Check back later this month for an update. 

Click below to purchase at any of the following stores:
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