Monday, November 14, 2016

Knowing when to push through

Sometimes writing is knowing when to quit. By that I mean, knowing when your creative mind just can't put words on paper. Any words that you manage to tear out of you just end up going into the trash before your next writing day.

The other side of writing is knowing when to push yourself to stay with it. Sometimes you find that you do your best work when you're tearing the words out of you one by one, sentence by sentence. It's hard, boy is it hard, but at the end of the day you look back and are amazed by what you created even if you cursed every moment you spent fighting with the muse.

Knowing which is which can be difficult and something I struggle with even today. Am I just being lazy? Or is my mind truly not capable of producing a coherent thought?

Today was one of those days. Where every moment was agony and I questioned whether I should just throw in the towel. There's always tomorrow, after all. This time I was triumphant in defeating the muse. Whether any of those pages will be worth keeping, I won't know until tomorrow when I sit down to battle the muse once again. For now, I'm just grateful I could advance the story in some small way.

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