Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The weather has finally, finally turned the corner to sunshine and warmth. I have been eagerly anticipating this for months now. When it snowed earlier this month, I nearly cried because in my mind it was spring, and snow just doesn't belong in spring. This is the season where short sleeves, skirts, capris and shorts begin to make their return to my wardrobe. They can't do that if there is snow falling from the sky!!

Now that the warm days seem like they're here to say for a little while, I've begun eyeing my container garden. I need to get it cleaned up from last year. I took the time to plant seeds in starter pots that I can keep indoors until the danger of frost is over. I'm growing jalapenos, cayenne peppers, green beans and spinach this year in addition to the herbs I normally grow. I love using produce from my own garden for meals. It gives me an extra oomph of achievement. Here's hoping my troublesome cat doesn't eat anything that sprouts.

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