Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nose to the grindstone

I've reached that point in the book where I go back and forth daily over whether it's really worth finishing. Self doubt and an absolute loathing for what I've written usually sets in right around the midway point for me. Today, I'm kind of blah. I don't really think its bad but neither do I think its good.

This is where I begin to question everything. Is that character flat? Is that really the mood I want to invoke here? This plot thread is going nowhere. Should I rework my draft? There are a lot of holes in the plot, maybe I should go back and do some editing. It never ends!

All of these concerns are floating in my head while I write and it can make it hard to concentrate. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing as it pushes me to be better, but it can be incredibly frustrating.

For now I need to concentrate on just getting the thoughts on paper. Not worrying about continuity or whether the character is a little different than planned. That can be fixed in edits. Or so I hope.

It's like that moment in a long race where you seriously consider giving up because you're tired and don't want to do this anymore but instead you grit your teeth and push forward. Yeah, that kind of explains it. Let's hope I have more endurance as a writer than as a runner:)

Alright self, it's time to write, write, write!

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