Friday, December 28, 2012

A New Journey

It seems that I am constantly starting new adventures, and this past week I started yet another one. Yes. I have embarked on the journey I have waited my whole life to take that of becoming a published author. Finally after years of waiting and yemming and hawing I have finally taken my first steps down this road.

You see, the day after Christmas I published my first book, Dragon-Ridden. Granted, it's self published and as of yet nobody even knows it is out there. But I believe in this book and will work hard to get it the attention it deserves. I know this will be a difficult path to travel but I am eagerly anticipating the months to come as I work to promote this book and finish writing my next book.

This book really began while I was serving a tour in Afghanistan with the Army. For anybody who has been deployed, you know that though you are kept extremely busy most of the time, there is very little to do in your off time. Since I had wanted to write a book since I was in third grade and I REALLY needed something to keep me sane during the long months in theater I started a project that would provide an escape from the boredom and terror that being in a war zone can cause. Now, after a year and a half later and many days questioning why exactly I wanted to do this, I finally have a product that I am willing to let the world see.

I will share both my successes and failures here in this blog and hope to keep you entertained with both. Though equally parts scared and excited, I know that what's coming is something amazing.